White Savage Finally Ravages Chicago

White Savage at Empty Bottle 2006 by Todd Killings
White Savage at Empty Bottle 2006 by Todd Killings
posted Thursday Jul 12th, 2007

Friday night in Chicago at the Subterranean, the mysterious and volatile band of heathens known as White Savage will make their first formal hometown appearance on stage since their covert New Years' Eve show over six months ago. Including a formidable lineup consisting of Jered from The Ponys, Jim from the Baseball Furies & Tyrades, Greg from Chin Up Chin Up, Colin from SYZ, Ryan from The Returnables and Cavity, and the unforgettable saxophonist, Bob, it's no wonder that they've managed to keep themselves out of the public spotlight for fear of overexposure. A bloody cacophonous sound like that which emanates from White Savage's pores is not exactly as palatable as the bands the members emerged from, yet truly cuts right to the bone and infests itself deep within like a burrowing larvae waiting to kill you when your defenses are down. Their debut 7" has just been releases in it's second pressing this week on HoZac, and will be available from the band at the show or directly from the label right HERE, and despite what some overly purist 'garage' fans may think, it's a violent and unsettling slice of destructive noise-punk aimed straight at your face, and with little regard for the average fan's menial musical boiling point. Fronted by the intimidating and constantly agitated Jimmy Hollywood on guitar and vocals, it sways into the aberrant rhythms that surfaced in songs by the Tyrades and came to a head in Colin's previous band, The Worst, and with pleasantly scarring results. Be sure to check out White Savage live on their West Coast tour starting in San Diego August 13th and going all the way up to Seattle on the 21st, you won't be sorry.

Along for the ride with White Savage is another anomalous figure of the electronic underworld who goes by the name of Magas, who uses looped and crashing beats along with agonizing sonic squelches to create an eerie soundscape of danceable yet demonic songs not quite right for this unforgiving city. At times you can hear traces of the modern French Glue-Wave sound strewn under the tracks which only adds to Magas' irreversible charm. Headache City are also in tow this evening and bring a strong sense of cohesion to the collective of bands just in their traditionally-structured sound alone. With top-notch songwriting along with great pop-scuzz hooks that seem to have already been swimming in your head for years, Headache City are one of Chicago's finest natural resources of stripped-down real rock'n'roll in an era where oddness is the norm. Now running as a tightly-knit three piece, come check out why so many people swear by them both live and on record, and keep your ears open for their next single due out on HoZac Records later this year. And as the night begins, don't get caught sniffing airplane glue out in the alley behind Underdogg and get your ass up front to check out Austin, TX's Attack Formation, who weave a uniquely angry sounding layer into this musical mess of delight that is your fun-filled Friday night. Advance tickets (yes, you just might need them this time) are available right HERE.

check out a White Savage clip from their second ever live show at this year's SXSW courtesy of johnnyguitar...