by Major Overload

posted Tuesday Nov 27th, 2018

It is instructive that NUN released their first single five years ago with a track named ‘Cronenberg’. Their new LP THE DOME opens with a track named ‘Wake In Fright’, and presents a conceptual framework inspired by R. Buckminster Fuller that arms the record with a cohesive horror. On THE DOME, NUN’s development echoes the first wave of post-punk and Industrial music, from the malevolent broken electronics of Throbbing Gristle to the sensual trance of Chris and Cosey, or Human League’s journey from the turgid grind of ‘Being Boiled’ to the giddy synth-pop of DARE. An example: in contrast to ...

continue reading ALBUM STREAM: Nun The Dome LP...

TRACK PREMIERE: The Reaction "The Kid's Arrived" (1979)

by Maxim Burmaladur

posted Wednesday Nov 14th, 2018

It’s been said innumerable times, but really try to imagine the shock to popular western culture known as punk rock on a global scale in a pre-nternet world. Information and trends traveled and mutated incomparably to that of today. Major cities with their individual character and long history of rock ’n’ roll laid claim to a bold new era with full embrace both sonically and visually; it was a fast moving storm that had the music industry grappling to keep up with the massive new wave of independently produced music. In smaller places however, punk was a loosely defined ‘no ...

continue reading TRACK PREMIERE: The Reaction "The Kid's Arrived" (1979)...

TRACK PREMIERE: BABY GRANDE "Getting Away With Murder" (1976)

by Gene Abnormality

posted Thursday Oct 18th, 2018

“It’s Something Very Strange And it’s Coming Out of the Past” – Steve Kilbey, 1976. Canberra, Australia in the mid 1970s: Teenagers Steve Kilbey, Dave Scotland, Joe Lee, Ken Wiley, and and Peter Koppes form the ultimate amalgamation of sneering, vicious glam rock, BABY GRANDE, out of the ashes of the short-lived, Precious Little. Taking cues from Roxy Music, Alice Cooper, Stooges, Bowie, T. Rex, and other sub-level trash-decadents, BABY GRANDE rode their own wave and carved out their own sound, but with some high-profile opening slots for AC/DC in 1975, their salacious glitter rock was too late for the ...

continue reading TRACK PREMIERE: BABY GRANDE "Getting Away With Murder" (1976)...

TRACK PREMIERE: Des Demonas "Bay of Pigs"

by Gene Abnormality

posted Thursday Oct 4th, 2018

Washington DC band Des Demonas have exploded into the national consciousness with a debut LP on In The Red a few months back, and they're not letting up now. We've got the world premiere of their latest single "Bay of Pigs" streaming here today, as diseased organ-soaked and fizz-drenched as it can get. If you couldn't tell already, sometimes a song is just tailor-made for VoT, and "Bay of Pigs" keeps it real with it's pounding chorus "Living like a Victim of Tiiiiiime" so naturally this works on many levels. Featuring a guitar player from Kid Congo & ...

continue reading TRACK PREMIERE: Des Demonas "Bay of Pigs"...

TRACK PREMIERE: VECTOR COMMAND "Ports of Venus" (1983-84)

by Major Overload

posted Monday Jun 25th, 2018

When it comes to post-punk from 1st wave 70s punk bands, there are many great examples of how the nihilism of 1977 translated into the 80s, yet from a band as important as CRIME was to the 1970s, it's remarkable that until now, there haven't been any strong connections to the next wave. Introducing VECTOR COMMAND, a 2-man dark synth punk outfit from San Francisco circa 1983-84 with an ominous new direction from their CRIME personas that's got to be heard to be believed. Featuring Johnny Strike and Joey D'Kaye, VECTOR COMMAND is about as far from CRIME's ...

continue reading TRACK PREMIERE: VECTOR COMMAND "Ports of Venus" (1983-84)...

EXHUMED: Bruce Moody Rainy Day 7" (1982)

by Richie Dagger

posted Saturday Jun 9th, 2018

We're back with a newly discovered set of pop-centric tunes from Bruce Moody, one of the 80s power pop names that's been bouncing around for years and has only recently been investigated. Meanbean Records are the archaeologists to be praised here, cultivating not one but two full EPs of previously unreleased material, and we have two tracks streaming here for your listening pleasure, from the recently released Get Fresh! EP. Lush pop arrangements accompany a brilliant home recording job and both tracks (along with two more unreleased studio numbers) have that perfect summer breeze wafting through them, just what you ...

continue reading EXHUMED: Bruce Moody Rainy Day 7" (1982)...

VIDEO FEED: 'Rock Its Your Decision' (1982 Christian Anti-Rock Film)

by Jacques Cousteau

posted Tuesday May 8th, 2018

Nice religious kid Jeff loves God. He also loves rock music. And he loves some pretty decent groups, too. None that the viewer can listen to, though - God doesn't like modern rock but He does respects copyright laws, looks like. His parents are at their wits end listening to that "junk". His church pastor tries telling him that he must make a decision between rock and The Rock of Ages. His friends don't see the problem with listening to music he likes. So the question is posed: can you follow the teachings of Jesus AND rock and roll all ...

continue reading VIDEO FEED: 'Rock Its Your Decision' (1982 Christian Anti-Rock Film)...

BREAKING SOUNDS: The Sueves R.I.P. Clearance Event LP

by Richie Dagger

posted Wednesday May 2nd, 2018

Chicago’s most intricate punk heathens are back with their second full-length, and if you already know their sound, it’s important that you bolt down the furniture, we can’t be responsible for this kind of punishment when you’ve already dealt with their recklessly “endangering” debut. This band has evolved so much in the past five years, it’s hard to even imagine their massive strides of punk progression, let along their ability to conquer the impossible tension that most band can’t even reach in their wildest dreams. The local talent has eroded in recent times to a point of panic, yet

continue reading BREAKING SOUNDS: The Sueves R.I.P. Clearance Event LP...

EXHUMED: Shatterbox Strung Out On The Line LP (1981)

by Sue R. System

posted Wednesday Apr 25th, 2018

We've got a real gem of a reissue LP here folks, Seattle post-glam band Shatterbox wasn't a name you heard in Northwest Punk history circles, yet in 1981, well after the original 70s glam rock wave had passed and a few solid years before it was in full bloom in its secondary West Coast phase. As with most scenes at the time, exploding with the hardcore sound and still stuck between trends, Shatterbox were too late for the party and too early at the same time. Fans of The Dogmatics will drool over "Dance Tonight" and any even casual fans ...

continue reading EXHUMED: Shatterbox Strung Out On The Line LP (1981)...

VIDEO PREMIERE: Gentle Leader XIV "Chambers of Your Heart"

by Beck Teria

posted Friday Apr 20th, 2018

Dream pop will always hold onto a certain New Wave romanticism tied directly to the early 1980s, and if its pulled off well, it can be just as good as it's precursors. Combine a dreary post-punk theme to this equation and you're looking at a sound that's hard to pull yourself away from, it'll just suck you right in. Chicago's Gentle Leader XIV are aiming for the gray bleakness of your hardened heart with "Chambers of Your Heart" which we've got the video premiere for here today for you. A polished pulse to keep you in line, distant ...

continue reading VIDEO PREMIERE: Gentle Leader XIV "Chambers of Your Heart"...

EXHUMED: The Stiffs 'Dad's A Pig' 1978

by Major Overload

posted Thursday Apr 19th, 2018

The Stiffs were slated to be the first-ever punk band out of Vancouver with a record, but circumstances, as they were at the time, stopped that reality from happening, dead in it's tracks. In 1978 home-spun Punk Rock was sweeping North America as well as most other locales and The Stiffs were the band that started the seeds of insidious deviancy in the City of Glass, and although their corrupt energy was ahead of the other local degenerates, you would have to wait 40 long years before these tracks ever saw a proper vinyl pressing. As a precursor to both ...

continue reading EXHUMED: The Stiffs 'Dad's A Pig' 1978...

TRACK PREMIERE: Ruby Karinto "Always Now" (Section 25)

by Janet Orr

posted Tuesday Apr 10th, 2018

There’s a lot to absorb with a band like Ruby Karinto, yet another band on HoZac without any guitars, although they’ve got so much going on sound-wise, you won’t even miss ‘em. With a spaced-out and throbbing rhythm section, gurgling Moog squelches, and an impeccable Japanese front woman, it’s a sensory assault from all angles and it’s just the perfectly refreshing blast of No Wave art-pop you’ve been waiting for. The 4-piece band emerged from the Victoria, British Columbia underground a few years ago, self-releasing their impressive debut 7” EP with three impossibly catchy tracks, bopping with mesmerizing ...

continue reading TRACK PREMIERE: Ruby Karinto "Always Now" (Section 25)...

VIDEO FEED: Passions: The Mick Ronson Story

by Chuck Nolan

posted Thursday Mar 22nd, 2018

With all the well deserved hype about the Beside Bowie documentary, (just released on Hulu) don’t overlook another gem. In a 2017 episode of the UK TV series Passions, Gary Kemp of Spandau Ballet visits Ronson/Bowie historical sites, while interviewing Bowie fans and associates. Kemp’s eloquent and wonderfully melodramatic presentation is sometimes funny, in its painfully sincere deification of his hero. When interviewing John Cambridge of pre-Bowie band The Rats, I was floored to hear clips of another early 70’s heavy metal project called merely Ronno. Fitting, because Ronno is some trademark Mick Ronson balls out rock ‘n’ roll! What, ...

continue reading VIDEO FEED: Passions: The Mick Ronson Story...

BREAKING SOUNDS: Velveteen Rabbit "Mind-Numbing Entertainment"

by Janet Orr

posted Tuesday Mar 20th, 2018

As sad it was to hear about the demise of The Jeanies, by far NYC’s most addictive power pop band of the last half decade, we’re happy to announce their re-emergence as Velveteen Rabbit, now with far more polish and panache and pushing the boundaries of glam pop to unimaginable levels of euphoria. Whereas The Jeanies had a more ragged American pop feel like early Tom Petty meets Gentleman Jesse, Velveteen Rabbit are pure gloss & glam and far more fey, yet no less ferocious. Far less flavor of The Fevers here and more aligned with ...

continue reading BREAKING SOUNDS: Velveteen Rabbit "Mind-Numbing Entertainment"...

EXHUMED: F.U.K. "I Got A Head"

by Gene Abnormality

posted Tuesday Mar 13th, 2018

It’s still so exciting to think how many “lost bands” are still out there, and this installment of the Hozac Archival series zones in on Detroit circa 1977, with the debut single from F.U.K. -a band that only played one show on Halloween 1977 in Ann Arbor, MI, and only recorded two songs, and thanks to our good friend Byron Coley, they have been saved from slipping through the cracks and presented for you here. Starting as a parody of their close friends Destroy All Monsters and their moniker “D.A.M,” Sue Rynski and Roger ...

continue reading EXHUMED: F.U.K. "I Got A Head"...

TRACK PREMIERE: Cafe Racer "Two Times A Day"

by Ald. Dan Rostenkowski

posted Tuesday Feb 6th, 2018

Chicago's Cafe Racer have come a long way over the past few years, from the remains of the glorious Gross Pointe, known as one of the city's finest noisy garage punk bands, came this vastly different new project from Michael Santana (and an entirely new ensemble), who have made huge strides in an immensely challenging new direction. Gone is the desperation-packed punk grovel and sneer, and in comes the luscious hypnotic waves of Jesus And Mary Chain-style phenobarbital downer grooves. "Some Candy Talking" is the reference point here, and it's great pivot stylistically, and their intense ...

continue reading TRACK PREMIERE: Cafe Racer "Two Times A Day"...

VIDEO PREMIERE: Beastii "Can't Wait"

by Ald. Dan Rostenkowski

posted Monday Aug 7th, 2017

Chicago intergalactic trash pushers Beastii are back with a new EP entitled Can't Wait as well as a new video for the title track, which we've got here for your adoring eyeballs today. The three-piece wrecking crew slathers together a irresistibly spacey collection of riffs woven into a supremely catchy basket of hooks, complete with an eye-catching video to match. Fans of The Ponys as well as The Rogers Sisters will find something good to chew on with this new Beastii track as well, with both bands coming to mind ever so slightly as it slithers ...

continue reading VIDEO PREMIERE: Beastii "Can't Wait"...

TRACK PREMIERE: Ruby Karinto "Fox's Wedding"

by Pythagoras

posted Friday Jul 28th, 2017

Ruby Karinto are one of the most unique bands you will hear this year, and in a world full of constantly-rehashed aesthetics, that is a godsend to the last of the culturally curious pioneers of unearthing new sounds. Based out of Victoria, BC and beyond the galaxy of genre hound entrapment, Ruby Karinto eschew any punk or "garage" normalcy and settle into a glistening world of electronic dreams sprinkled over an insidious throb. Sung in lead singer Ai's native Japanese, this song joyously immerses the listener in a swirling, flashing scenario of futuristic pop unlike most anything you've ...

continue reading TRACK PREMIERE: Ruby Karinto "Fox's Wedding"...

STREAM: Puke Spit & Guts Eat Hot Lead LP 1980

by Major Overload

posted Wednesday May 17th, 2017

"Yakety Yak, Yakety Yak, I think your mouth, needs a good solid slap." UH OH! Can you handle the purity of uncut punk intestinal fortitude? If not, better head back to your fort made of Jack DeBarco gatefolds, there's no room for you at the Inn tonight, baby Jesus. Yes, punk surgeons have been studying the bright and beautiful sonic melanoma that is Puke, Spit & Guts for years now, and without ANY government funding. No one could ever really crack the case on this incredible milestone of punk perversity, and every single sloptastic gem on this LP deserves its ...

continue reading STREAM: Puke Spit & Guts Eat Hot Lead LP 1980...

VIDEO FEED: The Ramones Chicago 1978

by Ald. Dan Rostenkowski
photo by Brian Shanley
photo by Brian Shanley
posted Monday May 1st, 2017

While this wasn't the first Ramones trip to Chicago, this was by far their biggest show. Headlining a stacked bill with the Runaways and the Diodes, The Ramones returned and hit the biggest stage they could find, no longer delegated to such despots such as B'Ginnings in Schaumburg (first Chicago show, early 1977) or the Ivanhoe Theater (with the Dictators in Summer 1977), this was the BIG TIME, the Aragon Ballroom, where bands as big as Roxy Music and Alice Cooper had graced the stage, even recently. For all I know, this video has not surfaced before, and appears at ...

continue reading VIDEO FEED: The Ramones Chicago 1978...

RIP: David Peel - NYC Legend / Punk Icon

by Todd Mayberry

posted Sunday Apr 9th, 2017

I wish I could say something profound in memory of David Peel. If there was a Brain Lapse #2, he would have been interviewed along with Giorgio Moroder (the bubblegum years), the October Cherries guys, and the Hudson Brothers. But now David’s dead. It speaks volumes that Peel is completely unknown outside of counterculture circles. As an artist, he was dismissed and ignored. The Trouser Press Record Guide could have squeezed him in between their entries for the Pedaljets and Pegboy … but they didn’t. The 1300+ page All Music Guide to Rock omitted him in print between Ann Peebles ...

continue reading RIP: David Peel - NYC Legend / Punk Icon...

VIDEO FEED: The Terminals 'Live 1987'

by Todd Killings

posted Sunday Mar 26th, 2017

Check out this incredible clip, that, thanks to the glory of Youtube, is now right at your fingertips, eyeballs and ear-holes. The Terminals you may well know, are one of the true gems of the Flying Nun story, a supergroup in every sense of the word and a band with very limited material available to see, that's for sure. What we have for you here today has been freshly unearthed, as in LESS than 30 people have viewed this so far, and it's truly an incredible piece of New Zealand underground history. The Terminals formed from the ashes ...

continue reading VIDEO FEED: The Terminals 'Live 1987'...

EXHUMED: Features 'X Features' LP

by Todd Killings

posted Wednesday Feb 8th, 2017

The breadth of incredible music from the antipodean region of earth during the 1970s through the 1990s is growing harder and harder to quantify. Most avant garde music fans are familiar with the legacy of New Zealand's Flying Nun Records as a starting point, but that's really only scratching the surface. What isn't common knowledge is that this scene really starts with the formation of Propeller Records, the true visionaries in the pre-Flying Nun era of underground NZ rock. Propeller was envisioned by Simon Brigg, who fell hard for a Auckland band called Features, used his own pocket change to ...

continue reading EXHUMED: Features 'X Features' LP...

TRACK PREMIERE: HAIR "Invented Suffering"

by Andrew Norris

posted Monday Feb 6th, 2017

There’s a real dearth of Heavy Music these days. Where other websites celebration the AM Pop styles of groups of 20 year-olds who are down with all that Laurel Canyon revival shit, Victim of Time will never betray your trust like that, and that's why Chicago’s HAIR is a welcome sound to thine ears. Billed as the "current musical arm the Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Long Haired Men" (founded in ’64 by Bowie), these four dudes not only have the hair to back up their name, but some dank riffs. "Invented Suffering" from their debut ...

continue reading TRACK PREMIERE: HAIR "Invented Suffering"...

VIDEO PREMIERE: The Equals "I Won't Be There" 1969

by Major Overload

posted Friday Dec 2nd, 2016

JESUS CHRIST! Another incredible promo video from the untouchable Equals, this time for their 1966 smash "I Won't Be There," with a rare clip from the Austrian TV show, GOGOSCOBE in 1969. Isn't it nice to live in an age when crucial artifacts of the rock'n roll history are unearthed on a semi-regular basis? Many many thanks again to Equals fan #1 Jason Duncan of Just Add Water Records, who is uploading these gems for everyone's maximum pleasure. Are you hooked yet? How are these not AM radio staples you ask? Well, mixed-race bands were still a risky business back ...

continue reading VIDEO PREMIERE: The Equals "I Won't Be There" 1969...

STREAM: Swimsit Addition & Bleach Party EPs

by Gene Abnormality

posted Thursday Nov 17th, 2016

Chicago's Tall Pat Records is having their annual party this Friday at the Empty Bottle dubbed Cuddlestock, and we have two new streaming tracks from the last two bands playing that evening for their dual record release shebang. Swimsuit Addition and Bleach Party have been toiling in the trenches for a few years now and both are chucking forth 7" singles at this show's central celebration. Clearance and Jollys, along with the Son of A Gun DJs round out the night, so you should have no problem getting your ya-yas out. Bleach Party by now need ...

continue reading STREAM: Swimsit Addition & Bleach Party EPs...

VIDEO FEED: The Gories 'Ann Arbor 1989'

by Ald. Dan Rostenkowski

posted Friday Nov 4th, 2016

Look out Chicago, legendary Detroit rock'n roll legends The Gories are coming to town to jump all over you baby and stain your dress! After remaining dormant throughout the later portion of the 1990s and 2000s, this Crypt Records standard bearer has regrouped and formed into a version of itself even more powerful than when it originated. This weekend at Double Door in Chicago, HoZac Records will be celebrating their 10th anniversary with one long, LONG (as in Daylight Savings Time kicks in at 2AM, extending the night til 4AM instead of 3AM) night of rock'n ...

continue reading VIDEO FEED: The Gories 'Ann Arbor 1989'...

VIDEO FEED: Buster Brown (pre-AC/DC, Rose Tattoo)

by Todd Killings
Buster Brown 1974
Buster Brown 1974
posted Tuesday Mar 22nd, 2016

"Buster Brown is my Name, Rock'n Roll is my Game." Fans of tough-as-nails Australian rock are no doubt already severely indebted to the seeds of seminal proto-punk/hard rock missionaries Buster Brown, who under the guidance of protagonist Lobby Lloyd, put together one of the most important bands of the 70s Aussie landscape, featuring not only future AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd, but also Angry Andersen, Geordie Leach, and Dallas 'Digger' Royall, all future members of Rose Tattoo. And although most AC/DC fans are somewhat oblivious to the Buster Brown material, as well as the first AC/DC lineup with the original singer, ...

continue reading VIDEO FEED: Buster Brown (pre-AC/DC, Rose Tattoo)...

VIDEO FEED: The Real Kids 'Live 1983'

by Todd Killings

posted Friday May 8th, 2015

When it comes to stone cold classic 70s Rock'n Roll bands, there's few that can touch the pure realness and raw emotion of Boston's legendary The Real Kids. Fronted by John Felice, one of the original members of The Modern Lovers circa 1970-72 (Jonathan Richman was his next-door neighbor), they have been tearing up stages ever since he decided to break away and start off as The Kids around 1972. As was the way of the times, they quickly found that that name was already taken, so they instantly became The Real Kids, and embarked on honing their ...

continue reading VIDEO FEED: The Real Kids 'Live 1983'...

EXHUMED: The Outsiders 'Calling On Youth' LP

by Tony Visconti

posted Thursday Sep 25th, 2014

Not many people know that The Outsiders' debut LP was the first self-released DIY LP of the 1st punk wave in the UK, but thanks to Beat Generation, this elusive piece of the punk puzzle is now accessible again, albeit in a very small edition of only 500 copies. Most punk fans already know that the Buzzcocks' Spiral Scratch EP is the first self-released 45rpm release of the UK punk movement, but this debut from The Outsiders is hardly anything you can remain ignorant of any longer. From Wimbledon, and known as the launching point for Adrian Borland's music career, ...

continue reading EXHUMED: The Outsiders 'Calling On Youth' LP...

INTERVIEW: Tony Molina at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago

by The Mudcat

posted Friday May 30th, 2014

Tony Molina's breakout album, "Dissed and Dismissed" (2013) was originally released on the Melters imprint, the album is equal parts "Pinkerton", with all the lyrical sylopism of the original, and equal parts Iron Maiden, with powerful, riffing metal breakdowns that border on hyperbole. Most songs clock in under the two-minute mark, with a signature pop arrangement that garnered the attention of such giants as Slumberland Records, who repressed the album this year, and Matador, who released the "Six Tracks EP" as part of their vaunted and ongoing singles series, "Singles Going Home". The name is taken from a song by ...

continue reading INTERVIEW: Tony Molina at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago...

PREVIEW: The Rubs, The Sueves, and Gross Pointe at Door #3

by The Mudcat

posted Tuesday May 27th, 2014

This Thursday, May 29, HoZac Records and The Benevolent Order of Chicago Record Labels are hosting a slate of bands guaranteed to satisfy your hankerings for fun and friction. Chicago's The Rubs, The Sueves, and Gross Pointe are set to blow the doors off Door #3, a new venue in the basement of the existing Double Door that is more reminiscent of a house space than venue. Noisy, eccentric garage-punk is the hallmark of the sound of Chicago's The Rubs. With a demo tape out on cassette masterminds and fellow BOCRL members Why Pick on Me?, the ...

continue reading PREVIEW: The Rubs, The Sueves, and Gross Pointe at Door #3...

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