Nothing People And Radio Birdman Blaze Through California

Nothing People 2007 by <a href=
Nothing People 2007 by Andrew Scott
posted Tuesday Jun 19th, 2007

Tonight in the pleasant-weathered city of San Francisco, you have another chance to catch one of Australia's most famous punk bands, this time along with one of California's most overlooked. Radio Birdman are making another round in the states and as reports of their last jaunt through the US were far above expectations, they're back to fill in the gaps they left. This time, it's at Slim's with the enigmatic Nothing People, who hail from the olive-exporting town of Orland, CA and fit somewhere between bombastic, shuddersome, and exhilarating. As Radio Birdman generally need no introduction to their legend or influence, it's still worth your time and money to see them in person, and to fulfill your deficit of original Aussie punk performances, the jury has declared it unmissable. With both original frontmen, Deniz Tek and Rob Younger in full stride, the energy is at peak levels and it's worth it to check out, on all counts.

As starstruck as you might find yourself in this situation, the real gem of the show might just turn out to be Nothing People, who have stepped up to the task of playing in front of a much wider audience, which could either swoon or convulse at their jaggedly unassuming yet irrevokably addictive punk oddness. With only one 7" EP released so far on S-S Records this past fall, look for a new track to appear on the World's Lousy With Ideas compilation as well as their follow up 7" coming soon on HoZac Records, to smash any doubts as to their formidable powers. Check them both out tonight in San Francisco at Slim's, Wednesday in Los Angeles at the El Rey Theater, and Thirsday at the Casbah in San Diego for a familiar taste of the past spiked with a critical shot of the future.

check out a clip of the current Radio Birdman lineup performing "Do The Pop" in 2006 right here...