BREAKING SOUNDS: Nothing People 'Problems' 7" EP

posted Friday Nov 17th, 2006

Voids are really a neat thing. Just the sight of emptiness where something impressive once was is just reassuring to me for some weird reason, and no, I don't have any claustrophobic leanings whatsoever. What I'm saying is, often when you can choose from everything, sometimes nothing is really all you want, and that's fine. Make sense? Good, as that really wasn't the point. On to this week's debut 7" EP by Orland, California's ominously named Nothing People on SS Records. Four boundary stretching, instantly exciting and hypnotically obtuse songs that cover enough ground to make this one of the most well-rounded debuts in recent memory. Cleverly utilizing the mysterious non-persona type of ego-less band image is such a refreshing take on musical entertainment in this current static age, and the facelessness almost runs along a similar path as the equally great and cabalistic desert creatures known only as the Wooden Shjips, who seemed to appear out of thin air earlier this year. What you get here are caliginously calculated, deviating dirges that jut out in different directions and come together right when it counts, and the ability to conjure up the forgotten secret radiation techniques of Hawkwind, Simply Saucer and even a chunk of the Voidoids' hooks is really something to behold.

The lead-off track, "Twinkie Defense" is a deep seeded monster that will distract you from your robotic lifestyle choice and surreptitiously convince you that whatever the Nothing People are doing, you really need to acknowledge into your own personal musical universe. Although the second track on the A-side may dip below the energy level of the former, it's too evil and unnerving to be ignored, despite the ferocious next tracks that lie in wait on the flip. The B-side's "Systems Failure" switches gears back to an upbeat noisy rhythm and takes of a less droning route to your skull, but sticks right up in there just fine without any adhesive whatsoever, and you'll be thouroughly pleased with the gelatinous results. The last track on the 7", frustratingly titled "I Can't Find A Monkey," truly slams you down one last time before the sickness really seeps in and allows the Nothing People full access to your guts, mind and soul, all with just a few brazen guitar lesions and one handful of seriously droning bliss. Four songs, all unique enough to make a permanent impression and fleeting enough to cause quick withdrawal symptoms, are more than enough reason to anticipate more greatness from this soon-to-be revered cold-blooded musical death machine. Nothing has never been this neccessary, and with only 500 copies spreading out so quickly into the earth's atmosphere, it's in your best interest as a musical hippopotamus to devour it as quickly as you can find it. And if you're in the area, be sure to catch the Nothing People live with Pink Reason this Saturday in Davis, CA, and Sunday in San Francisco at the Hemlock. Check out more Nothing People songs HERE.