Leaders And Static Static Friday at The Funhouse

Static Static Live at Hemlock 2007 by <a href=
Static Static Live at Hemlock 2007 by Canderson
posted Thursday Sep 20th, 2007

Friday in Seattle at the Funhouse, come check out a sweltering line up of noisy new bands with a real sense of irascibility and harshness of tone that's destined to wilt your tulips and irritate your sensitive bowels. Static Static are in the midst of their West coast tour, and after last weekend's sufficiently crazed show with Nothing People and Bipolar Bear in San Francisco, it's not hard to see how quickly their infectious blackness will seep into the unsuspecting pores of the citizens of the Pacific Northwest. As a three-piece unit with bad intentions ominously aimed directly at your gut, Static Static's monotonous waves of ill will have something really ugly lying underneath that sends sinister vibes and disrupting thought patterns to the deepest parts of the human brain. Their new single on HoZac has already sold out as of last week, but the band will have copies on tour, so pick one up if you truly value the lacerating luxury of rhythmic noise so irrevocably mesmerizing, that your clothes will be dripping off of your body by the end of each side.

Along with Static Static are two great new entities of the region, the first of which being Leaders, who are a simple two-piece home-recording outfit featuring Mozzley Miracle of Meercaz, a mysterious Portland band that turned quite a few heads earlier this year with their out-of-nowhere 7" on Point Wrex. Leaders takes a harder approach to the unearthly sound started by Meercaz, and locks them solidly into the rough-hewn Northwest triangle of bleak-wave devolving noise-smiths like Pyramids, Factums, and Children's Hospital, to name a few. But as Meercaz hides a tiny covert pop sound underneath the layers of scuzz, Leaders travel down the darker path and smash your face into the walls as they drag your feeble mind back and forth out of the gutter with attacking tracks like "Powervibes" and "Rub You Wrong" that signify them as one of the next weirdo outfits to watch. Seattle's Pleasureboaters are up next and brandish themselves with antics so crazed and manic, that you'll forget how long ago No Wave flourished in the overlooked corners of America's underground hotbeds. Check out their debut album 'Gross,' slated for release in the next few months on Don't Stop Believin' Records, and don't miss the chest-pounding exhilaration at the Funhouse as all three bands take Seattle for a rough ride it won't soon forget. This is also the farewell party night for Dave Bessenhoffer who plays in Fort Hell, (who headline tonight) among many other great bands like New Fangs, Brotherhood of Electricity, and of course, Rat Fancy.

check out a video clip of Pleasureboaters right here...