BREAKING SOUNDS: The Retainers 'Lose It' 7"

posted Friday Nov 10th, 2006

Unbeknownst to some of the outside world, Minneapolis has more excellent bands than most people would care to believe. With groups like the Fevers and now Boys Club filling the pop quotient up quite perfectly, it seems the blasting raw fireball category in the Twin Cities' arsenal is most effectively occupied by the often unsung gang known as the Retainers. Including Eli from the Shockers and Boys Club on drums, and Matt who also makes time in the Deciders and Lie Ons on guitar and vocals, this four piece unit has it's fingers in everything that's worth a shit, and it's about time you knew about it. It's no hunch that just because they aren't darlings of the message boards doesn't mean that they won't be playing on records that you sorely need to hear this year, and this new 7" on P.Trash Records is a perfect starting point for anyone unfamiliar with their recordings. Four quick and clever songs which never even edge on the mundane, and they're over so fast you'll be jumping up every three minutes with excitement to eagerly flip it over. Yes, it's that good. With an energy level that matches the top-end firepower of the Carbonas and the strangulated vocal delivery of Chronic Seizure, it's hardly a surprise that this single smokes like it does through four songs of pure adrenaline. Echoed vocals bleeding over this mess of punk rock forged in hate are the breath of fresh air that fills the void left by the Reatards and makes me sweat in anticipation of their next single, soon to be released on the Fashionable Idiots label. While this 7" EP trumps the single released on Jilted in 2005 with great ease, it's simplicity in design and voracious tone make it a record everyone should immediately take notice of. Rash and complicated at points and agonizing and totally wrong at others, the Retainers really need to spread their righteous racket to the masses and get out on the road to hit some cities away from home sometime soon. The midwest doesn't need to keep secrets like this from the public, so it's in everyone's best interest to have a listen and see for yourself. You'll feel that familiar tension in your chest upon hearing the first few notes and the shellshock doesn't let up for the next three songs. So if you're of the mindset that modern rock'n roll needs a serious diaper rash to keep everyone on their toes, the intrepid sounds of the Retainers should really hit the spot. Check out a few songs from their new single HERE.