BREAKING SOUNDS: Boys Club 'This is My Face' 7"

posted Friday Aug 25th, 2006

Three Dimensional Records released one hell of a fine debut 7" here from the new Minneapolis trio known as Boys Club. Aesthetically, it looks like any other take on a late 70s power-pop record that slipped through the cracks, but the raw music contained therein is nothing but top-notch imperfection and simply sophomoric lo-fi gold. Just as it was Shane White's "intention" to make his band the Fingers sound like the Raspberries, they take the same idea and come out with yet another winner. No complicated guitar solos, just three regular dudes playing loose and snotty. When you close your eyes and turn it up, it's 1995 all over again and you don't even have to worry about junk emails or think about Monica Lewinski. The tough-handed vocals strip the songs of their preconceived pop-leanings just long enough for you to identify that this pure, nonchalant level of song writing doesn't really rear it's head anymore, and I'm one that believes there will always be room for records like this. And since it's just coming out now on it's own and not riding the coattails of similar releases in the Rip Off style (as it would have been surrounded by in the 90s), it stands out well and sounds fresh and reckless. Catchy songs about frustration, resistance and defiance don't really ever go out of style either, so if you ever find yourself longing for that early Rip Offs demo that never surfaced, this is where you should get in line. Issued modestly in an edition of 300 copies, it would be best to contact the label before ordering to secure yourself a copy. Check out the songs HERE and email them to reserve a copy at:

check out a short clip here...