BREAKING SOUNDS: Disappears 2008 7"

posted Tuesday Jul 15th, 2008

The current handful of newly-sprouted Chicago bands is filling out nicely, and this week's BREAKING SOUNDS feature spotlights the debut 7" by noisy pop heathens, Disappears. With their sleeve artwork as a direct nod to CAN's 1968 Delay album in check, you may expect long, droning repetitive churning as the base of their sound, yet these characters throw a curve into the delicate balance of floating shadowy pop and blasting feedback with true finesse. Brian Case (currently rhythm guitarist in The Ponys, formerly of 90 Day Men) steps into the lead vocal spot for Disappears, and ushers in more evidence of the current Jesus And Mary Chain influence reaching it's tentacles out in all directions, and with fine results. Live, this band sets the stage afire with waves of white noise washing against the hollow and driving rhythms that propel their dissonant tonality into the thickest parts of the skull, yet on record, they manage to cut through the chaotic scree to show real songs lying underneath the scuzz.

Disappears divide their sound impeccably well over the two sides of their record, and the a-side's "Needs" drifts in and out of blurry perspective, with strong nuances of The Chills' Kaleidoscope World tucked neatly in their pockets, yet the b-side's "Hearing Things" most effectively represents the band's noisier live sound at its best. Taking a clean riff and pounding it to pieces, Disappears straddle the fine line juxtaposing quiet dream pop and threatening sound penetration in perfect stride, and it won't be long before they're off and running with a legion of fans behind them.

Pick up the self-released 7" by Disappears direct from the band right HERE (free digital download included HERE), or at any of their upcoming shows, including their slot headlining the Victim of Time SNOOOZE FEST this coming Friday at Beat Kitchen in Chicago. Get your tickets to the Friday show (with Radar Eyes, Box Elders, and Meth Teeth) right HERE, and check out a video clip of Disappears live at Sonotheque in Chicago last month, courtesy of mcspicious, right here...