Black Lips, Mr Quintron and Miss Pussycat Meet up With Hot Machines in Chicago

Hot Machines live at Onopa Brewery 2005 photo by <a href=
Hot Machines live at Onopa Brewery 2005 photo by Canderson
posted Friday Feb 29th, 2008

The Black Lips along with Quintron and Miss Pussycat are on the front end of their tour this weekend and are making a stop Saturday in Chicago at the Logan Square Auditorium to play a show with the Hot Machines. Hearing that the Black Lips are on tour is hardly news anymore, especially since they seem to have adapted to a nomadic lifestyle long before their fan base required it. Quickly becoming known as one of the hardest working bands to ever to ever wear the same clothes for a week, The Black Lips, who are now 6 albums into their careers, show no signs of slowing down. With two movies in the works, one where they play an aspirant 80s rock'n'roll band, and another which is a documentary on the Atlanta music scene, it seems as their appeal has blossomed into something beyond their musical output. It's not surprising either, as there is no doubt their music lays on a different plane than many of their piers. Known for smashing the hippy aesthetic into a drunken wall of libertine punk slime, and the juxtaposition it poses, The Black Lips play a form of rock'n'roll this stupid world desperately needs.

Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat are a duo from New Orleans that mix the hilarity of puppetry with custom made synthesizers and drum machines that emit a primitive electro sound that's always sure to rile an ass-shaking dance party. But the real treat Saturday night is an appearance by the Hot Machines, who haven't played together in a number of years. A couple of years back, the Chicago band had their share of success on the coattails of the member's other projects, The Ponys, Miss Alex White, and the Baseball Furies. In their day, Hot Machines released just two singles, one on Ben Blackwell's Cass label and another on Dusty Medical, and both to much acclaim. Their sound incorporates neck-breaking tempos, pop hooks, and an interplay between Alex White's thunderously sultry voice and Jered Gummere's (The Ponys), coyish, tender and breathless vocals. With this powerhouse lineup in store for Saturday, you'd better get your tickets ahead of time HERE so you're not left out in the cold.

and check out a video clip of Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat, courtesy of KevinBrownsvideos, right here...