Woven Bones Desecrate Austin Tonight

Woven Bones Live in Austin 2009, photo by <a href=
Woven Bones Live in Austin 2009, photo by geoffpsy
posted Saturday Jul 25th, 2009

Tonight at Beauty Bar in Austin, TX, be sure to be there in person to bear witness to one of the city's fastest rising rockets of guttural ambiance, Woven Bones, as they rip out the souls of desert-roaming ghosts and open up a night of formidable punk primitivity that's sure to shake this town to its core. Relocating to Austin from their roots in Orlando last year, Woven Bones slithered restlessly, reinventing themselves from their primordial Spacemen 3-blues/psyche jangle into a meaner, weirder, louder, and altogether more vicious band that's turned into one of their city's new shining lights of creative energy. With most of the lineup changes settled firmly into place (including a temporary inclusion of the Black Angels' Christian Bland into their fold), Woven Bones orbit around central figure Andrew Burr and his gang of nocturnal friends, Mattey and Casey, who round out their sound into the chest-pounding monstrosity that they are today. Crossing the dark drawl of The Cramps '76 demo-era sludge with Jesus and Mary Chain's demonic drum waves, and a dedication to simplicity as ravaging and throbbing as those buzzed out gospel recordings that Sonic Boom tried so desperately to recreate, Woven Bones are not here to put up a front. More likely, they'll be the ones to burn it all down. Their honest, neurotically-frayed, and manic songs conjure ominous impulses instantly on impact, and weave an intricate web of repetition that certainty carries them down the dark path to your soul.

If you've heard their mesmerizing slow-burn hits on their debut HoZac 7" and their split single with Jacuzzi Boys released this spring on Needless Records, then you shouldn't hesitate to grab their brand new 7" on Sweet Rot, and hold tight for a life-wrecking debut LP due out early next year on HoZac Records as well. Check out headliners Pterodactyl and When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, but don't miss out on the devilishly seductive slide of Woven Bones, who kick off the night.

check out a video clip of Woven Bones performing "Your Sorcery" from the brand new Sweet Rot single, at a house party in Arkansas, courtesy of palebluesun, right here: