Witch Hats Meet Up With Golden Boys in Austin

Golden Boys at Beerland in Austin 2007, photo by Sherry Cardino.
Golden Boys at Beerland in Austin 2007, photo by Sherry Cardino.
posted Wednesday Aug 20th, 2008

The Witch Hats are on the tail end of their US tour this week and they will be spending time over the weekend in Texas, playing at The Mix in San Antonio on Saturday, and then in Austin with The Golden Boys on Sunday at Beerland. The four-piece outfit from Melbourne, Australia bangs out a modern version of the swampy drone that made the later Scientists stuff so great. It seems as if the time were ripe for it too, as In The Red Records is set to release their sophomore effort, Cellulite Soul sometime this fall, and their catalog so far, including Wound Of A Little Horse on In-Fidelity records, have received nothing short of high accolades. Sometimes crossing over into the same arena as the Hunches, Witch Hats' music certainly celebrates the same mid-80s rough psychedelic meandering though the fuzzed-out ether with songs that are both reminiscent of an earlier time era, but departs with a neoteric air of restless anxiety.

On the opposite side of the rock'n'roll spectrum, The Golden Boys meld the psychedelic side of mid-70s blues/county-tinged rock a la' The Flaming Groovies, and even slide into the folk territory much the same way their peers, Goodnight Loving do so well. Their breakout full length debut from a couple of years a back, and the more recent Whiskey Flower LP, both on Hook or Crook Records, hit on chords that seem to raise the party bar, while still keeping their shirts clean.

Below is a video from Witch Hats' tour this summer performing "Stupid Arrangement" at a show in New York.