Wax Museums and Nobunny Hit the Road

Wax Museums at Beerland in Austin, photo by Sherry Cardino
Wax Museums at Beerland in Austin, photo by Sherry Cardino
posted Wednesday Aug 6th, 2008

The Wax Museums will be kicking off their tour tomorrow in Denton, Texas at 715 Panhandle with Teenage Cool Kids and Straight Paint. Also serving as a record release party for their newest 7" single on the Fashionable Idiots imprint, the Wax Museums set is sure to knock the collective IQ down to a more respectable and blissful level. Over the last couple of years, the band has banged out a flawless handful of singles leaving a mark of genius for playing dumbed-up punk swill that's catchy, lovable and, above all, brilliantly debasing. While hoards of lesser bands break out some sort of high-concept noodling, and instrumental tomfoolery with some art school dropout's "noise machine," Wax Museums, thankfully, are right there to wipe up the mess. They remind everyone that the greatest form of escapism in art can be done with the tuneful equivalent of an armpit fart and lyrics so far fetching and retarded you're bound to dig it. With their debut full-length LP due out early this fall on Douche Master Records, the Wax Museums brand of punk malarkey will surely reach new heights.

Friday in Tuscon, Arizona, Wax Museums meet up with The Basement Apartments, Okmoniks, and Nobunny at Pablano Hot Sauce Factory for an all out gala featuring FREE PIZZA! You 'd be an idiot not to go. Then they'll start their tour with Nobunny, hitting Tijuana on Saturday and landing in Bakersfield, California next week to play with Francis Harold & The Holograms at Munoz Gym.

Nobunny is on a roll himself lately too. Releasing his excellent debut record on Bubbledumb Records to a well-deserved high acclaim, Nobunny falls in a similar playground as his tour mates, Wax Musuems. Both pander to the stupider side of the brain and deliver pop-ish punk that carves out the unnecessary rock'n'roll ego and replaces it with an aural whoopie cushion capable of causing GG, himself, from laughing whiskey through his dead nose.