VIDEODROME: Gross Pointe

GROSS POINTE Live at Volcano Room, photo by Rob Karlic
GROSS POINTE Live at Volcano Room, photo by Rob Karlic
posted Wednesday Sep 3rd, 2014

Gross Pointe are a pretty rad band that's been bumping around Chicago for the past year or so. They just played the VoT Chicago Label Showcase a couple of weeks back, and another one of our gigs we have going on at the new Double Door spot called Door #3. They ripped up the stage at both shows, actually they bring it every time.

They've got a split tape with Son of a Gun, a band with a couple of members in common with them on Dumpster Tapes. They remind me a bit of the Makers, when they were cool, before all the boas and leather. Michael Santana's vocals emits a throatier sneer than Mike Maker had going on, but his it's dangerously frank and perfectly snide delivery is spot on. While pinning down an almost heavy glam sound to a core of straight-up rock'n'roll, Gross Pointe seem to have their groins in the right spot. Check out an excellent video of them from last December at the VOID in Chicago.

Also take a good lick on their bandcamp page HERE