VIDEO PREMIERE: Platinum Boys "Lord Knows"

posted Monday Dec 18th, 2017

Milwaukee fun bags the Platinum Boys just seem to pop up around every damn corner you turn these days, and here they are, back front and center on VoT with a brand new video for their new single "Lord Knows" off their latest shit-hot full-length release BUZZ on Dusty Medical Records. Now THIS is a VIDEO, gorgeous film production and direction by Ryan Thomas Reeve and Joey Turbo, this is next-level Platinum Boys with aerial shots galore and an addictive minimal rocker that almost tips over and falls into "Midnight Rider" yet the Boys restrain that urge and dig into that supremely catchy sparse arrangement with their own spin on it.

Whether this band is touring hard, or just beating their brand of good times into the back of your head repeatedly, it's always a blast and Platinum Boys always deliver. Grab their two killer LPs and their handful of singles before they're already GONE, and kick your viewing window into full-screen mode and dive into "Lord Knows" right here...

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