VIDEO PREMIERE: The Lemons “Lick-a-Lolly”

posted Wednesday Apr 1st, 2015

This is quite possibly the catchiest song to ever be put to tape. It is pure bubblegum pop pumped out by Chicago’s latest and greatest sacchariferous songsters, The Lemons! The snow-balling verses as they go from “Billy”––who has a shit-load of lolly pops––to some goon named “Solly,” embed a tenacious and maddening urge to sing this song until your face turns blue. It's utterly impossible to remove from your mind, even after therapy!

This is the sort of tune you can’t help but smile and sing along to every time it comes in contact with your ears. The dense zeal rolls over you like a big ball of sunshine, warming your soul to a tepid, comfortably annoyed state. Comfortably annoyed, it’s this juxtaposition that makes a good bubble gum song great.

Lemons, we, of course, know this isn't you performing this song, but we wish it were, truthfully. It seems like a perfect fit to us.