VIDEO PREMIERE: Gnar Wave Rangers "Heavy Metal Man"

posted Thursday Mar 3rd, 2016

Chicago's Gnar Wave Rangers are back with a seizure-inducing video for their new track, "Heavy Metal Man" which employs ferocious shredding guitars interlaced between metallic grind flourishes and spacey prog blues, riding a wave of 21st century grunge into the piss-soaked sunset. As a band dressed in caveman outfits, they're obviously not taking themselves too seriously and why should they? Not solidly fitting squarely in any certain genre, Gnar Wave Rangers drift from hoarsely screamed raucous thrash, right into crooning cabaret-style loungey punk, definitely quite unique.

"Heavy Metal Man" shows the band at their corniest and horniest, banging away on their instruments like a squadron of Fred Flintstone impersonators, interspersed with frantic hand-drawn animation featuring a reincarnated pterodactyl that tries to win the heart of a cavewoman and ultimately perishes from the apocalyptic meteor that hits the planet. True love wins in the end of course, so kick this video into full-screen mode and kick back with "Heavy Metal Man" by the Gnar Wave Rangers, right here, and don't miss them March 12th at Wesley Kilmer Studio and March 20th at East Room as well.

Video by Kawtar Azzouzi:

Heavy Metal Man from kawtar on Vimeo.