VIDEO PREMIERE: Flesh Panthers "Last I Heard"

posted Wednesday Aug 10th, 2016

Another Chicago band still revving and reeling around the city with no shortage of energy in sight, Flesh Panthers, have a new country-tinged rocker called "Last I Heard" with a video flickering right before your eyes, right here on VoT. Immediately you'll notice the absence of the "punk aesthetic" which is JUST FINE, so once you can get over yourselves and appreciate another genre of music, then you're well on your way to rock'n roll salvation.

With a pickled piano & slide guitar sizzling over these breezy riffs steeped in honey bourbon and dandelion wine, effortlessly provided by Joey Rubbish from The Rubs/Firm Believers/Son of a Gun/MAMA, it's a noticeable departure from form for the Flesh Panthers, but also provides another dimension to the band, which is never really a bad thing. Becoming stuck in a parallax of genre dystopia is never a good situation, so cheers to progress and breaking out of the mold, and anyone that knows their rock history well knows the encroaching enchantment of the country rock sound was inescapable at one point. I mean the Flesh Panthers are even feeding a real, live horse out of a hat here, this is no joke.

Don't miss their show on Sunday August 14th at the Empty Bottle with Birdcloud and Easy Habits, and kick this baby into full-screen mode and check out the video for "Last I Heard," the new single from the upcoming Flesh Panthers Willow's Weep LP Coming September 2016 on Maximum Pelt Records!