VIDEO PREMIERE: The Equals "I Won't Be There" 1969

posted Friday Dec 2nd, 2016

JESUS CHRIST! Another incredible promo video from the untouchable Equals, this time for their 1966 smash "I Won't Be There," with a rare clip from the Austrian TV show, GOGOSCOBE in 1969. Isn't it nice to live in an age when crucial artifacts of the rock'n roll history are unearthed on a semi-regular basis? Many many thanks again to Equals fan #1 Jason Duncan of Just Add Water Records, who is uploading these gems for everyone's maximum pleasure. Are you hooked yet? How are these not AM radio staples you ask? Well, mixed-race bands were still a risky business back in the era of The Equals, and that's why even acts as famous as Booker T & the M.G.'s kept using photos of green onions on their LP artwork, as well as many other examples, it was sadly just too much for the public to accept. Such a shame as the world really could have used more of this music, but lucky for you, it's STILL HERE.

Hopefully this video can brighten your day, we all need it and sometimes just the sheer sound of The Equals is all it takes to generate immediate happiness. So kick back and pop this clip into full-screen mode and crank up those speakers, The Equals' thunder cannot be contained and it's best you stand back and recognize!

huge thanks to Jason Duncan once again for his tireless work in promoting the legacy of The Equals!