posted Thursday Dec 3rd, 2015

Chicago's EGO are just freshly back from another tour and we have a brand new video for "Lookbook" off of their recently released Economy LP on Maximum Pelt, all set and ready for your desperate eyeballs today. A stark and simplistic video can do wonders for a song and it's still such a shame that more bands don't use the video format more often, especially since everyone is practically carrying around video & editing equipment on their phones now. But this track seems like a different direction slightly from EGO's last outing, a tense and trudging mid-tempo burn that traces Fugs'-like obtuse zonked-out vocal harmonies over a low-key bassline that tap into the seedy end of the subconscious zone quicker than ever.

Treading the seemingly endless and seamless line of modern indie rock, and pure weirdo underground rock'n roll with a more subversive primitive backbone and far less pretentiousness, EGO are really in a world of their own, never succumbing to the instantly gratifying need for speed that takes over once the adrenaline inevitably starts rushing. "Lookbook" is another prime example of how to stand out in a field of imitators and facsimilators, swimming against the current of the typical sounds of the scene and truly carving out their own spot.

Pick up the new LP Economy on Maximum Pelt at finer record stores everywhere, or direct from the label right HERE.

And check out the new video for "Lookbook" right here: