posted Thursday Nov 6th, 2014

We've got another hot video premiere for you this week, this time from yet another underground luminary of the Chicago area known as EGO (a dialed-down version of previous Massive EGO, and featuring ex-members of Tender), who have a new 7" release slated for inclusion in next week's record release show on November 10th at the Empty Bottle, along with Foul Tip and Lil Tits. The new track "Can't Shut It Off" has a riveting sound, not too far off from Times New Viking's off-centered harmonies, but interlaced with a sloptastic chorus that makes the sound all their own. Not so much raging punk economics, but a brittle and penetrating pop formula that comes compete with filthy elbows, roman candles, and rotten bananas.

The band-produced video isn't anything particularly ground-breaking but it's still a refreshing gesture to even MAKE a video these days, since it still seems to be somewhat of an anomaly, and yet, its all it really takes to make a song make that much more of an impact. And this example shows how to get it done right with just simple clips of their touring surroundings from afar as well as right at home, and they even included a shot of the Aldi grocery store I shop at on a semi-regular basis, have you seen their gluten-free selection? I mean, DAMN! But be sure to get your ass wedged through the door at the record release show next week, and pre-order the new EGO 7" from Maximum Pelt, RIGHT HERE.