VIDEO PREMIERE: Brown Spiders 'It's Something To Do'

posted Monday Jun 8th, 2015

Pretoria, South Africa’s most dangerous arachnids are here to finally burst forth from their egg sac and right into your vulnerable arms and ears, as the debut 7” from our second South African export has hit the floor and is busy scrambling into your darkest corners. A prodding, sinister and disorienting riff hits you immediately just before that winding, repetitive and repulsive bass line stares you down, and before you know it, Jacco and Andreas (Make-Overs) have their claws at your throat with two cuts so thick with bad vibrations, you might just want to get yourself inoculated to prevent swelling on contact. You won’t have time to call up Dr. Moosa or any of your normal witch doctor contacts as this blackness and numbness will spread quickly, and just as soon as the main riff in “It’s Something To Do” unravels into a demonic roar, it’s probably too late to save any semblance of sanity.

As a brackish minimalist counterpart to the more free-form sonic smashings of Make-Overs, Brown Spiders linger in the shadows, sharpening their pincers and retracing their horrific steps, carving their undulating chords into your wrists and ankles as you sleep. Building tension comes as second nature over these two rough numbers, just enough ominous thunder bellowing out between the soiled grooves to let you think you're safe from those utterly murderous backup vocals. We’re beyond stoked to bring this dark and brutish-style thug crusher into the world, and we hope you will allow several listens before hiring a professional exterminator service. Pre-order a copy of the debut 7" from HoZac right HERE, and check out the nasty video for the A-side, right here: