VIDEO PREMIERE: Brad Pot "Air Strike"

posted Friday Feb 3rd, 2017

Australia comes ripping back, every single time and this smashing new video for "Air Strike" from the impossibly-named Brad Pot just cannot hit you over the head any harder. Pummeling vocals slip back & forth between screams of desperation and Buzzcocky hook-filled harmonics, all drizzled over a hot plate of Rip Off Records leftovers you've had stuffed in your backseat for far too long. It's got all the makings of those over-the-top Straight Arrows blasters cross-fucked with savory Ausmuteants nasal slime, trying to cram themselves into all of your orifices at once. You will feel the breath on the back of your neck in no time, and yes Brad Pot's breath isn't exactly fresh, it's downright devastating, and any band with this name has no choice but to become revered.

They tear thru "Air Strike" in this new video with little distraction from the real action, laying waste to these simple chords and bleating out another chorus of dissatisfaction. Brad Pot may be new to the table but their sound has been here for waves and waves, and the intimidating factor still remains-- punk slop served by th' bucket will always be the best deal, and they prove they have the chops to go along with it. So kick this video window into full-screen mode and look out for the debut LP out on Slovenly Records this month, in fine record stores everywhere.