posted Thursday Oct 29th, 2015

Just when you thought it was safe to turn your back on the unruly and unrivaled sounds of the seedy Australian underground, we have trust forth the new video for "Paris Face," from prolific performer/songwriter extraordinaire, Angie Bermuda, known on her own as simply ANGIE. As a foundation of such luminarious OZ entities such as Southern Comfort, Straight Arrows, Ruined Fortune, and Circle Pit, Angie should need no introduction to the initiated, but we find her here in truly sparkling form on her second solo LP Free Agent, where she continues the glorious trudgery through monolithic riffs and entangled solos, distilling her crystalline essence into this new consortium of rigid self-reflection. And as the evolution continues from the eerily morose debut Turning, Angie breaks out into an even freer territory, collapsing minimal arrangements into miniature glimpses into the mind of a truly free-flowing creative force.

On "Paris Face" Angie embarks into similar territory as her project with Harriet Hudson, Southern Comfort has over the course it their two lone classic singles, conjuring a smog-filled breeze, swirling with soaring melodic precision, neither straying too far from her classic sound, nor retreading any over-covered territory, with brilliantly haunting results. And as the head of Bermuda Video, her own video production company, (as well as authoring a new book), on top of managing time for multiple bands, as well as her own solo material, isn't it time we all asked, WHAT CAN'T ANGIE DO?

Don't trust your parents, trust the Australians making the most important waves of this decade in underground music, and you will never look back in regret.

Grab a copy of Free Agent from Easter Bilby in the US right HERE.

Free Agent released by Rice is Nice and Glen-Livet-A-Gogh, September 2015.
Produced and Engineered by Owen Penglis at Goliath Professional Recording Studio.
Starring Colin Thompson, Sandy Sarouni, Angela Garrick, Melanie Garrick & Caroline Sundt Wels
Video shot in Cairns, The Blue Mountains and Central Sydney on Kodak Ektachrome 50d 8mm.
Processing and Transfer by Nanolab
A Bermuda Video Production