VIDEO FEED: Goner Fest II: Electric Goneroo

posted Wednesday Feb 7th, 2007

The impact Goner Records has made on the ever-shifting tectonic plates of subterrestrial rock'n'roll is undeniable. Releasing output from such notorious and earth shattering bands as Guitar Wolf, Reatards, Khan and BBQ Show, and the proprietor, Eric Friedl's own band from the early 90s, The Oblivians. Since then, the label, record store and message board have grown into more of a cult icon and underground ganglion than just an extension of a humble Memphis record store. As a testament to Goner's influence over the past year or so, patrons and fans started popping up with permanent proclamations to Goner in the form of tattoos, a feat well beyond any measure of brand equity a company could hope for, and deservingly so. Goner's influence as a musical taste-maker goes well beyond any preconceived goal-oriented hoopla, and can only be the result of their apparent passion and obsession for music.
Just yesterday, Goner released their first ever double disc DVD/CD documenting their second annual festival. Just couple of years ago in January 2005, Goner put on their first weekend festival showcasing like-minded bands along with ones on their own roster. Right off, the festival was a success and before the calendar completely flipped another year, Goner Fest 2 was underway. This time equipped with an AV crew, Goner produced a lustrous documentation to the weekend festival that includes over an hour of live video footage, along with an accompanying CD featuring all of 22 bands that performed over the weekend. From the raspy soul thug of the Reigning Sound to the noise crunch of the Lamps, you can check out the trailer below and purchase the DVD/CD right from Goner here..