VIDEO FEED: The Terminals 'Live 1987'

posted Sunday Mar 26th, 2017

Check out this incredible clip, that, thanks to the glory of Youtube, is now right at your fingertips, eyeballs and ear-holes. The Terminals you may well know, are one of the true gems of the Flying Nun story, a supergroup in every sense of the word and a band with very limited material available to see, that's for sure. What we have for you here today has been freshly unearthed, as in LESS than 30 people have viewed this so far, and it's truly an incredible piece of New Zealand underground history. The Terminals formed from the ashes of several important NZ bands, Pin Group, Victor Dimisich Band, Vacuum, etc. but really came to define the mod-late 80s sound that Flying Nun was bolstering the best of any of their contemporaries.

The video clip you're about to indulge in was filmed at an early performance in 1987, professionally shot, with rudimentary video credits et all, and shows the band still in an aggressive state, before the moody uneasiness and brooding harmonies took hold. Being well-versed in The Terminals catalog, it's still hard it make out most of the songs performed in this clip, yet it's like watching a garden bloom, providing a glimpse into their incredible sound they'd be sharing with the world via their debut 12" Disconnect (reissue coming soon on HoZac Archival), as well as their immaculate debut LP Uncoffined, available now at fine record stores everywhere, or direct from HoZac Records right HERE.

So kick this rarity into full-screen mode and enjoy a fleeting glimpse into the eye of the storm of mid 80s New Zealand pop, and thank your lucky stars we're this fortunate to just have stuff like this fall into our laps.