VIDEO FEED: Super Duper Alice Cooper documentary

posted Friday Mar 13th, 2015

Happy Friday the 13th! They're some of the original "punks" by every definition, and even as their mid-period material left a lot of hard rocker's limp in the jeans, Alice Cooper is still one of the monumental forces of underground rock'n roll during it's late 60s/early 70s timeframe, and by all means worth every ounce your attention. The new documentary Super Duper Alice Cooper is not to be missed, as it's predictably chock full of unseen archival footage, great interviews as well as a great glimpse into the storied career of one of the original shock rockers (along with Screaming Lord Sutch, of course). If you didn't sing "I'm Eighteen" on your 18th birthday, then I really feel for you, but it's not too late, as this well-done documentary covers all the bases, from the earliest incarnation as The Spiders and The Nazz, right up through meeting Frank Zappa and the G.T.O.'s (featuring Pamela des Barres), the latter of which were the original contributors to the classic Alice Cooper makeup scheme, which a lot of people still don't realize.

Yes, it's well-known that Johnny Rotten auditioned for the Sex Pistols with Alice Cooper's "I'm Eighteen" on the jukebox at Malcom McClaren's SEX shop in 1975, but there are far more important reasons to settle in and watch this great documentary the next time you fee down or uninspired. Just the footage of them throwing the live chicken into the crowd before John Lennon's 1969 Toronto Peace concert, only to have it dismembered and thrown back onstage, should be enough to pique your curiosity, but the later "solo-era" descent into alcohol and drug abuse is as classic and time-tested as any other tales of the era, and surely not to be missed.

So kick this feature into full-screen mode and indulge your sick curiosities in one of the most effective, sadistic and SUCCESSFUL rock bands of the 1970s, with Super Duper Alice Cooper!