VIDEO FEED: Suicide Live 1980

posted Friday Jan 23rd, 2015

Suicide were one of the most innovative bands of the 1970s in so many ways it would make your head spin, from being the first documented band to use the odd term "punk music" as early as 1970, to their bizarre, two-piece theatrical "nihilist performance art" using only electronics crossed with human animal savagery, they broke so much ground in retrospect, it's a shame they aren't held in the highest regard compared to their peers. But then again, who really WERE their peers? If you've read over the extensive interview with Sonny Vincent on VoT covering his early years in NYC, his tales of playing with Suicide circa 1971/72 are the stuff made of legend. The bloody chains, the schizophrenic interpretations, and the truly other-worldly performances alienated just about EVERYONE, proving at even such an early point that they were not just five, but at least 20 years ahead of their time. (check it out HERE)

Being asked to tour with The Clash in 1978 resulted in one of the biggest backlashes in the punk pantheon, including shows where the band was covered in gob, were mercilessly assaulted with flying objects, including one show where someone in the audience threw a hatchet at the band during a performance! If you still haven't read on of the greatest rock biographies of all time, by all means, PLEASE order a copy of No Compromise right HERE, you can thank us later.

But today we've got a super rare video clip of Martin Rev and Alan Vega in 1980 that's not on Youtube, and essential viewing, to say the least. Check it out here, courtesy of Nightclubbing:

Suicide from GoNightclubbing,Ltd. on Vimeo.