VIDEO FEED: Sparks 1976

posted Thursday Sep 18th, 2014

Oh yes, the glammary glands are swelling up over this one, check out a full 1976 show from Sparks, November 27th, 1976 to be exact, and filmed live at The Capital. Judging by the fact that there's less than 200 views so far, this seems to be an incredibly rare full live set, especially important as it's the lineup featuring Hilly Michaels of later "Calling All Girls" fame!

Filmed during the golden era between Indiscreet and Big Beat, this full show captures Sparks during one of their most fruitful periods, and shows a strong live presence that'll send chills down your sickly spine. If you still haven't been lucky enough to see them in the 1976 film Rollercoaster then you need to rectify that situation right away, possibly their punkest moment, at an amusement park targeted by terrorists, so you know it's good!

So kick back and check out a rare glimpse at Sparks onstage in their prime, November 27th, 1976 to be exact.