VIDEO FEED: The Raspberries

posted Wednesday Aug 12th, 2015

Summer is slipping away from us folks, and since yesterday was Eric Carmen of The Raspberries birthday, we here at VoT figured you needed a powerful dose of raw pop to keep your spirits up these last few days of the dazzling season. Plus, it's time you got a refresher course in how blistering and gutteral pop music could be in the early 70s, all while maintaining such a high standard for performance and professional talent, while seducing the masses, hit after hit, so just because you're a Big Star, Badfinger, Blue Ash, Dwight Twilley Band, or Cheap Trick fanatic, doesn't mean you should overlook one of Cleveland's finest contributions to rock'n roll (and that's really saying something). And if you hadn't already heard Paul Stanly & Gene Simmons going on about how much KISS was devoted to the Raspberries tough riffs, then that's another story you need to look into, as these Cleveland rockers just had "that special something" that cannot be denied, even 40+ years later.

Luckily for us all, the glories of YouTube have bestowed many rare Raspberries video clips from the early 70s, including a few promo films that have slipped so far through the cracks, we just had to save your summer and put them all together for you here in one convenient spot. So crank up those speakers and kick this video into full-screen mode and dive into the fleeting sounds of summer before they slip by....