VIDEO FEED: The Pagans Live 1986

posted Tuesday Jul 14th, 2015

The fact of the matter is, most people under the age of 50 have never seen a full live show from Cleveland punk pioneers The Pagans either in person (unless you were at the 2005 Hozac Blackout Fest) or even on video, as sadly this band just seemed to evade those lucky enough to have video camera access in the pre-convenience years. But luckily for most of us, that's about to change, as just as recently as this week, we've discovered a full live performance from those punker-than-you bad boys, from their Halloween show at Cleveland's Phantasy Nightclub, the show where the Godlike Power of The Pagans LP was recorded. Also worth noting, lead singer Mike Hudson verbally berates any staff members of the "Scene" magazine, as well as the local radio station for their shortcomings on coverage, which is pretty hilarious.

Live LPs will never quite match the same magical feeling as a high quality live video, not to mention from one of the Midwest's most important bands of the 1970s, so call up your weirdo friends, pop this video into full-screen mode and kick back with an insanely gritty live Pagans experience you won't forget.

Also if you're in Europe, don't miss the first-ever Pagans show in Spain at the Funtastic Dracula Carnival in October!