VIDEO FEED: Dunedin NZ 1977: Friends of The Enemy

posted Tuesday Apr 1st, 2014

If you've found yourself falling farther and farther down the wonderful well of the seemingly limitless New Zealand underground music of the late 70s/early 80s, you've no doubt crossed paths with the likes of Chris Knox. Most notably the figurehead of the extremely prolific Tall Dwarfs and the ground-breaking Toy Love before that, Knox has been on countless releases, whether as a guest or in solo form, since 1978 up to the present. And as with any notable and iconic figures of the time, he also fronted an early punk band called The Enemy, which debuted in that magical year of 1977 to much widespread admiration from the upcoming crowd of not-yet-highly-influential New Zealand bands to arrive in their wake.

The impression The Enemy would make on upstarts such as The Clean and The Stones, and any others would be immeasurable, and to finally see live video footage of this legendary New Zealand punk band in high quality from a news broadcast. Check out parts one and two right here and by all means check out these bands and the bands that they later became, you won't be sorry!