VIDEO FEED: Hot Snakes & Drive Like Jehu LIVE

posted Saturday Feb 4th, 2017

These are very dark times, and as the time of ending creeps ever closer we must turn to the one true gospel, that of Froberg and Reis for comfort. They are the way the truth and the light, and it is the duty of all to spread the good news of their works. To keep you from blowing your brains out here are two hot as fuck sets from Drive Like Jehu and the Hot Snakes.

The Drive Like Jehu set is from late August when the band hit the tiny (150 capacity) Bunk Bar in Portland. Its pretty pro shit, recorded on a Canon G15 which I’m told is good. I don't know shit about cameras, I only know about good rock music and the first world war. The sounds great and the video is as steady as you can get with a bunch of forty year-olds opening up a pit in a space that small.

The Hot Snakes set was recorded at the end of December in Philly where the band was working on a new record (rumor has it). Most importantly it features Gar “The Gar” Wood rockin' some excellent punk fashions. Gar has, and always will be the best dressed man in music, don't take my word for it just check out some of those Tanner promo photos from the 90s. Gar’s a cool dude, buy him a beer if you see him.