VIDEO FEED: 'Ghost on the Highway' The Gun Club documentary

posted Thursday Jun 25th, 2015

Heads up Gun Club fans, the documentary Ghost On the Highway is now fully streaming and for those who still haven't seen this well-done look into the legendary LA band, its pretty much the only full-length film dedicated to this group. Even though it's immediate lack of authorized music included is one of the hallmarks of a documentary gone bad, this band has enough mystique and intrinsic intricacies to warrant a mandatory viewing, as the cast of characters is quite extensive, and tells the whole sordid story of punk, obsession and addiction quite well. Not only are the remaining band members, Ward Dotson, Terry Graham, and Kid Congo Powers included, but also scene fixtures Jon Doe, Peter Case, Dave Alvin, Pleasant Gehman, Phast Phreddie, as well as the prerequisite Henry Rollins, but the film reveals even more than thought possible on the band, and these stories really need to be heard, pinning the band into a universe much larger than they ever deemed worthy at the time.

And although it would have been REALLY GREAT to have permission to use the Gun Club's music in what might possibly be the ONLY documentary made about them, it's still much worth an hour and a half of your precious time, so kick this into full-screen mode and if you'd like to purchase a DVD copy, they are available HERE as well.