VIDEO FEED: French TV NYE Pop Showcase 1969

posted Friday Jun 19th, 2015

Welcome back to the wonderful world of rare YouTube videos brought to you by your friends at VoT, and man do we have a whopper for you today. This is a superb-quality full-length video "party" from a live performance of New Year's Eve at the end of the 1960s with raw and NON-lip-synched sets from the cream of the crop of 60s hitmakers. Kicking off with Booker T and the MG's, you can tell from the stoney atmosphere on the modly audience swaying at their feet that this was one hell of a party, but luckily for us all we can still get a glimpse of what it was like. Also included in this lineup are the post-Syd Barrett Pink Floyd, Les Variations, Joe Cocker, and a great handful of songs from Peter Greenwood-era Fleetwood Mac, but the real meat on this beast are the bombastic sets from The Equals, The Troggs, Small Faces and The Who, who all manage to barely hold onto their control and belt out incredible live and powerful versions of their hits that just need to be witnessed, and like, NOW.

So if you're feeling that Friday itch for those weekend good times, just kick this into full-screen mode and revel in the impeccable live performances of some of the top pop acts of the 1960s in a party setting like you've never seen before.

(NOTE: the live video starts at the 1:45 mark)