VIDEO FEED: William Eggleston: Two Documentaries

posted Saturday Aug 16th, 2014

Memphis born and raised William Eggleston is one of the most prominent American artists, living or dead. Known for his color photography that captures inanimate objects and reflects beauty in the ordinary and mundane, at the ripe age of 75 he is credited for legitimatizing color photography as an artistic medium. His work has appeared all over the world, MoMA, J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles and The Whitney in New York just to name a few, and his most famous work "The Red Ceiling" appeared on Big Star's excellent Radio City album.

Eggleston's photos have appeared on a handful of record covers such as the Alex Chilton album Like Flies on Sherbert, the Primal Scream album Give Out But Don't Give Up, and Transference by Spoon to name a few, but the first Eggleston drawing to make a record cover is the debut LP from Memphis/NYC art punks, Cretin Stompers on their Looking forward to Being Attacked album. By far this LP design is Eggleston's most limited offering for an exclusive work to date, with a pressing of only 700 copies available worldwide, and some still left with the exclusive promo poster, so don't delay on acquiring your copy of this incredible living legend's work in such a limited edition, before the rest of the art crowd catches up.

Order a copy of the Eggleston-designed LP with promo poster HERE, and check out the enlightening 2005 documentary right here, and by all means, pick up one of Eggleston's art books HERE: