VIDEO FEED: Dictators on Jabberwalk 1976

posted Saturday May 17th, 2014

If you're the type of guy, who's into getting high on a Friday afternoon, then we have a real treat for you here. As we all know, the massively influential punk pioneers, The Dictators are headlining the 2014 HoZac Blackout Fest this year and what we've dug up, courtesy of Frankie Foodpoisoning is the extremely rare "Documentary" on the seedy American underbelly, Mondo Cane-style, entitled 'Jabberwalk" which features The Dictators in their full glory at the 1976 Ms. All Bare America pageant. Yes you will need to see this to believe it, that's for certain. And if that's not enough, the film is chock full of all sorts of "deviant' lifestyles such as Satanism, BDSM, and 'tattoo extremist' that are not for the weak of stomach.

So dig in and get your asses down to the Empty Bottle tonight for this insane weekend's closing explosion of good times galore. Rainbow Gun Show, A Giant Dog and Shocked Minds kick off the night, and if you still don't have tickets, there are STILL A FEW LEFT, dig in!