VIDEO FEED: Badfinger BBC Documentary

posted Friday Dec 5th, 2014

One of Britain's greatest pop bands of the 1970s, and one of the bands indirectly responsible for laying the foundation for the 'power pop' sound of the 1970s along with The Raspberries, Big Star, and many others laying just below the surface. A well-known band with such a tragic story resulting in multiple suicides AS WELL AS huge chart-topping record sales success, due to the complications of the entangled mess from manager Stan Polley, who just so happened to be named in each suicide note. Starting out in the early 60s as The Iveys and having the honor of being the first band signed to the Beatles' fledgling Apple Records, they were to become Badfinger, and take the "new Beatles" positioning as McCartney and Harrison had groomed them for such mega-hits as "Without You," "Come And Get It," "Baby Blue," and many others in the 1969-72 era.

Despite a massive touring initiative both in Europe and the US, the band struggled to survive despite garnering unavoidable worldwide hits that are still the staples of "classic rock" radio, yet the band drifted into a depressing slump, which resulted in one of the most heartbreaking demises in the history of modern pop music. It's a classic tale of management interference and the sick side of the music industry, and it's just so sad it had to happen to such an incredible group.

So be sure to check out this great three-part BBC documentary on Badfinger, one of the 1970s most important bands, along with a couple excellent films and TV appearances. And pick up some Badfinger for your listening pleasure right HERE.

"Baby Blue"

"No Matter What" promo film:

Badfinger 'Without You' BBC documentary (2002)