VIDEO FEED: Akron, OH Punk: It's Everything and Then It's Gone

Rubber City Rebels hangin' tough in front of The Crypt
Rubber City Rebels hangin' tough in front of The Crypt
posted Thursday Mar 13th, 2014

"East Coast, West Coast, they Can Jump In The Sea. I Don't Need No Ocean, I've Got Industry" Akron is one of the several pivotal cities from Ohio that made major waves in the 1970s rock'n roll underground. Along with Cleveland and Columbus, Akron, or 'The Rubber City' it dug it's footprint deep into the history of the era, and with such vital contributions such as DEVO, Pretenders, Rubber City Rebels, Numbers Band, The Bizarros, Tin Huey and the Waitresses as well as the esteemed Clone Records imprint in their midst, who could deny them?

This week we're featuring a sadly underexposed PBS documentary called It's Everything, and Then It's Gone, which shines the spotlight on the 'Akron sound' of the 1970s/early 80s and all of its most interesting characters intertwined manner, including a treasure trove of rare video, including DEVO's earliest performance from 1972. From the experimental noise of 15-60-75 (the Numbers band) to the glam-rock biker rock of King Cobra (later named the Rubber City Rebels) and The Bizarros and DEVO, it was much more than a bountiful crop.

Great interviews with all the bands and lots of great footage and rare photos make this documentary well worth your time if you have any interest in some of the best underground Midwest rock'n roll of the 1970s.


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