TVK, Cause Co-motion, Crystal Stilts and Centipede Eest in NYC at Death By Audio

Tyvek at the Hemlock in San Francisco in 2007, photo by <a href=
Tyvek at the Hemlock in San Francisco in 2007, photo by Canderson
posted Friday Oct 3rd, 2008

This Saturday in New York at the revered Death By Audio with Detroit's TVK, catch two local Brooklyn acts Cause Co-motion and Crystal Stilts, and an interesting outfit from Pittsburgh, Centipede Eest. The opening act, Centipede Eest self-released their 12" EP last year titled Surf Licks and The Wall of Sound for World Peace LP, which hints to their pica for devouring long, almost grooving rhythms that conjure wisps of post-punk and psychedelia. Out on tour this month and celebrating the release of Confluence, their third release to date, they will be a pretty solid opening act.

Crystal Stilts, also have a new LP on the horizon coming out on the Slumberland imprint titled Alight of Night and have the next slot on the bill. Blasting a charming fuzz drone that kicks up those not-so-dusty 80s psyche vibes, and mashing it with the softer, aeriferous Romanticisms of the same era without sounding, well, too gay. Crystal Stilts are pounding out sounds other bands are skipping altogether. And that's OK too, because they all can't pull it off like these guys. You can pre-order Alight of Night for Insound here. Their borough cronies and label mates, Cause Co-motion squirt out similar sounds, even though their name might imply differently, but add a little layer of bubbly optimism that you cannot deny.

Headliners, Tyvek (Tyvke/TVK) recently had to make a name change because of a rumored cease and desist letter from the Dupont Corporation, but as the much cooler band finds themselves in the midst of an identity crisis, it's fitting to their off centered, almost self-conscious style. They were recently picked up by Siltbreeze, and seem perfectly at home there too, so keep your eyes pealed for their debut full-length to pop up soon.