TV Ghost Wrap Up US Tour for Cold Fish This Week.

TV Ghost maim Montana, July 2009, photo by Dane Hansen.
TV Ghost maim Montana, July 2009, photo by Dane Hansen.
posted Friday Aug 7th, 2009

A cathartic, psychic workout regimen to get ready for the static hereafter, TV Ghost's sound is a 1-2-3-4 rhythm of an underwater aerobics class with a robot instructor barking metallic commands. They hit Austin earlier this week, August 5th at Beerland, and Denton on the 6th at 818 Hickory, and play Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines, Iowa this Saturday. Watch for their many raw, ectoplasm-covered projectile motions as they hit the stage this weekend.

"We really don't play LaFayette as much as we tour out to Ohio" says Tim, the lead singer and guitarist with red pompadour hair. "So getting signed doesn't make you the saviors of your hometown scene?" "No, we still can't get shows there, we're not, y'know, a jam band". Wrapping up their U.S. tour in support of their new In The Red LP Cold Fish, TV Ghost spent last month darting around the upper forty-eight in a reasonably comfortable rental car. On their new album, the tracks are more polished than their releases on Die Stasi, but underneath that layer of trebly, blown-out hiss storm, TV Ghost are turning out to be a band that can write songs that are catchy as swine flu (HN1 Virus), their booming, echo-drenched vocals alongside what could be 1960's oscillators being savagely abused for rock music.

Stopping recently in Montana on short notice, these hip looking teenagers and early twenty somethings played for a crowd of heavy metal-minded, leather clad, bearded, tattoo-covered guys who run a local garage / blacksmith shop, used for making custom machetes "to deal with Zombies," the walls of their place covered in guns, forges, and bleeding mannequin art. The boys had no problems making new fans amongst that crowd, and their performance was a frenzied, sweaty, negative consecration that was welcomed.

The kind of preternatural intensity possessed by TV Ghost may just well cross certain scene boundaries one would not normally expect, so if you're one of today's daring music enthusiasts, don't wait to pick up a copy of their In The Red debut, Cold Fish, right HERE.

TV Ghost play the Empty Bottle tonight, August 12.

Check out a promo video for TV Ghost's Cold Fish album, courtesy of Downtown Records, right here: