TRACK PREMIERE: Simulation 'Listening'

posted Friday Aug 12th, 2016

The new minimal synth duo Simulation, from Chicago, was formed from two of the Midwest synth underworld's brightest luminaries, Laura Callier from Gel Set and Whitney Johnson from Matchess and Verma, and when they combined their surreal and atmospheric forces like this, it's going to have nothing short of heady results.

Released recently on a cassette on the Eye Vybe imprint, Simulation is a distillation of electronic tones and monochromatic soundscapes, and with only minor exceptions featuring vocal accompaniment. It's instant mood-setting rhythms are inescapable and it's ethereal mist-clouded production technique pours over your eardrums like honey, such an agonizingly pure slow ride, you just have to stand and let yourself take it easy.

"Born of a paranormal experience on a west coast tour, Simulation seeks to connect the earthly flesh to the ethereal world of whispers" isn't just taking this lightly either, you need to read about the unreal experience that formed this shrouded enclave of mystery and how it's chilling effect left both composers reaching out from the darkness and into each other's peripheric realm of dismal dystopia.

Check out the video interview with the full story HERE:

Chicago Singles Club Interview with Simulation from Chicago Singles Club on Vimeo.

STREAM 'Listening' HERE, and order a copy HERE: