TRACK PREMIERE: Platinum Boys "New Kind of Love"

posted Monday Jan 23rd, 2017

Milwaukee's party smashers the Platinum Boys are back with a new 7" on Maximum Pelt and we've got the blast contained right here on this page, so strap on your bong-goggles and get ready to RIDE. If you've been lucky enough to get a beer thrown in your face at one of the 'Boys live events, you'll already know that familiar taste, and here we have a new wave-meets-power pop dinger called "New Kinda Love" that hums along with a toy keyboard tone that you won't be able to shake, the kind of nuance that keeps you coming back. Sounds like it wouldn't be too outta place on the Valley Girl soundtrack, while the girls are getting ready to go out, imagery of denim jackets, black jeans, nice choppy guitars et all, completes the package well. The song just flat out makes you want to party, and that feeling should not be fought. There is a party sewn deep into the souls of these four gentlemen, and it's just oozing out all over your nice furniture, so just let it happen and try not to look too concerned about the soiled upholstery.

We want to make it absolutely clear that this record will not be released WITHOUT a party. They even bang out a scorchin' cover of The Eagles "Already Gone" on the b-side, lord help us all and show us to the golden light. On February 4th at Auxillary Club, Platinum Boys will be joined by Wet Piss, Easy Habits and Bingers, live and in the flesh to party it up, RIGHT IN YOUR FACE, there will be little resistance to stop the revelry, babies are born every day, but records are really where life begins. Don't miss the party, don't miss the new single (order HERE) and STREAM your life away lookin' for a better way, right HERE: