TRACK PREMIERE: Le Tour "Milosh"

posted Wednesday Aug 26th, 2015

Yet another modern Chicago band more than worthy of your attention is Le Tour, a break-neck rock'n roll powerhouse with dramatic and evocative vocals that keep it clearly in it's own realm, and keeping track of one of the most overlooked aspects of great songwriting, those ever-so-important vocal hooks. Gutteral guitar squelches and snakes in and out of an unwavering bass line, filling in the blanks quite quickly on how bad it's gonna turn out for you. You can just tell by that seething sense of nihilism on "Milosh" that these guys are going for the throat, pummeling their death letters into your ears and foreheads, which comes across dangerously clear on the debut Le Tour LP Terra Eyes, which had just been unleashed on Berserk Records, and in record stores now.

If you've witnessed Le Tour live, you already know how confrontational this band is, reveling in the aggression that comes with churning out gut-level crudeness, and on "Milosh" you can hear the echoes of mid-80s Redd Kross, (along with obscuros Wig Torture) rushing up to the surface of today's immediate and incendiary Chicago punk sound, and we're all better off because of it. So be sure to catch Le Tour live as well as pick up their debut LP Terra Eyes at fine record stores everywhere, or direct from the label right HERE.

STREAM "Milosh" right here: