TRACK PREMIERE: HAIR "Invented Suffering"

posted Monday Feb 6th, 2017

There’s a real dearth of Heavy Music these days. Where other websites celebration the AM Pop styles of groups of 20 year-olds who are down with all that Laurel Canyon revival shit, Victim of Time will never betray your trust like that, and that's why Chicago’s HAIR is a welcome sound to thine ears. Billed as the "current musical arm the Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Long Haired Men" (founded in ’64 by Bowie), these four dudes not only have the hair to back up their name, but some dank riffs.

"Invented Suffering" from their debut 7” on Tall Pat Records splits the difference between the Wizard Rock of the early 70s and the grunge-punk of your Ty Segalls. If this was the 90s the dudes over at Amphetamine Reptile records would have been all over these guys, it’d be kinda gross actually. Let your hair down, light up that bong and get the fuck down. I mean how can you go wrong when the bass players name is Bone Daddy? Answer: You can't.

STREAM "invented Suffering" right here, and pick up a copy of the debut 7" at fine record stores everywhere SOON, or pre-order the limited Purple vinyl edition, direct from Tall Pat Records right HERE.