TRACK PREMIERE: Cafe Racer "Two Times A Day"

posted Tuesday Feb 6th, 2018

Chicago's Cafe Racer have come a long way over the past few years, from the remains of the glorious Gross Pointe, known as one of the city's finest noisy garage punk bands, came this vastly different new project from Michael Santana (and an entirely new ensemble), who have made huge strides in an immensely challenging new direction. Gone is the desperation-packed punk grovel and sneer, and in comes the luscious hypnotic waves of Jesus And Mary Chain-style phenobarbital downer grooves. "Some Candy Talking" is the reference point here, and it's great pivot stylistically, and their intense slowness really pulls the tension up close to the chest. The hushed vocals from Santana and Andrew Harper fit together seamlessly, and drizzled over the chiming, humming guitar & organ tones sets the mood perfectly, and it won't be long until you're completely won over.

The icy tones quickly melt into pools of soft illusions, as each verse drifts into the next, very much similar to the way two other recent bands of note have used this style to great effect. The Royal Baths (RIP) elongated a similar eerie approach a few years earlier, but another local band it also reminds me quite feverishly of, are the late, great Bare Mutants. The Space Echo goes a loooooong way, and it fits here like a glove, so it's good to see this soft-spoken delivery back in action with Cafe Racer, a band that seems to have a cohesive direction and the sound to match. And what can't be said for the recording production here? Man, the stunning mix created by Dave Vettraino at Public House Recordings will stand all your hairs on end, no doubt.

STREAM "Two Times A Day" below and pick up a copy of the new LP Famous Dust out on Maximum Pelt on 2/19 at The Empty Bottle in Chicago for the record release show!