TRACK PREMIERE: Beastii "Summer of '81"

posted Friday Jan 12th, 2018

Chicago's Beastii are back with yet another knockout for your soft-boiled brain, and this week we've got a track premiere from the upcoming Our Voltage compilation on Girlsville, with their snarling and perfect cover of early 80s UK punk The Violators' "Summer of '81." Brooding and ethereal, with tension galore and that delicious cascade from misty death rock into melodic punk just can't be beat. The female vocals dart back & forth between lush walls of echo into a visceral & pummeling production that's just as invigorating as the last drink you've had thrown in your face, That's the type of balance and drama everyone needs to get with to turn the heads of the punk masses, and this interpretation by Beastii really seals the deal.

Keep an eye out for the Our Voltage compilation with appearances by The Prissteens, Freak Genes, The Buzzards, Damaged Bug, and Mr. Airplane Man, to name a few, and be sure your speakers are turned to to full volume and crank up "Summer of 81" by Beastii right here: