TOP OF THE SLOP: Melkbelly 'Pennsylvania' LP

posted Wednesday Sep 17th, 2014

TOP OF THE SLOP is back, and we've got an emerging new Chicago band with lots of surprises and nothing to lose, so it's time to get your head officially wrapped around Melkbelly. With such an unsettling name for anyone lactose-intolerant, you might be surprised to hear a hard lunge of early Breeders, (especially the early Tanya Donelly-sung material) which forges quite a heavenly glow indeed. And just as you're not expecting it, the almost ethereal twee pop takes a darker turn, resulting in frantic pulsations of noise. Creating their own antithesis, even within the grooves on the same side of the record is a trait that every band needs to learn to relate to, instead of getting stuck in one sound and becoming redundant. With Melkbelly, it's a sound that's catching on, and a well-crafted shambolic pop record with it's demons and bad influences glowing in the background, is always a recipe for success.

As the first release on Automatic Recordings, it should be instantly accessible at any of our fine local record shops, but don't wait long as Melkbelly's presence has been growing and with their first vinyl release, it's gonna go quick. Be sure to check out their performance tonight (Wednesday September 17th) at Emporium Arcade Bar, as part of the Dan & Letha Melchior Benefit show, and pick up a copy of the LP straight from the band, at your favorite local store, or direct from the label right HERE.

Stream "Doomspringa" right here: