The Tanlines Tour

River City Tanlines 2006 by Canderson
River City Tanlines 2006 by Canderson
posted Tuesday Jun 20th, 2006

The River City Tanlines are heading out on tour this next week. Their debut album last year on Dirtnap Records was a compilation of their previously released singles plus a couple of extra tracks and came out as a dangerous romp of pool-hall jukebox metal that rivaled the Runaways straight out the gate with addictive hooks, spine-breaking basslines and brilliant songs that seemed to hit the mullet on the business end without a breather. Alicja Trout and crew finished up recording their follow-up (also on Dirtnap) just this month in Nashville. From the preview, which can be heard on their myspace site, it sounds like they’ve taken a stab at a wider offering and cut the whole belly open in the process. Trout’s aural ambidexterity reaches from tracks that come off closer to her previous work with the LOST SOUNDS, and that is more morose to her cleaner new-wavier songs from the CLEARS.

June 23 2006@ Murphys in Memphis, TN with TSOT, Static X 2, and the Guacos

June 25 2006@ Old Town Tavern in Florence, AL

June 29 2006@ Big D's BBQ in Shreveport, LA

June 30 2006@ Beerland in Austin, TX

July 1 2006@ House Party with the Wrists and Marked Men Denton, TX

July 2 2006@ Las Cruces,NM @ a house party with the Answer Lies and more!

July 3 2006@ Vaudeville Cabaret with Digital Leather Tuscon, AZ

July 4 2006@ Kys in Phoenix, AZ with Digital Leather

July 5 2006@ In Store in Huntington Beach

July 5 2006@ the Scene Bar Los Angeles, CA

July 6 2006@ Warehouse Show in Oakland, CA with Greg Ashley

July 7 2006@ The Hemlock in San Francisco, CA (5 pm SHOW)

July 8 2006@ Sabalas in Portland, OR with Starantula and Dead Mans Hand

July 9 2006@ Funhouse in Seattle, WA

July 10 2006@ Mootsy's in Spokane, WA

July 12 2006@ Ralph's in Fargo, ND

July 13 2006@ Turf Club in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

July 14 2006@ The Jackpot Saloon in Lawrence, KS

July 15 2006 in St. Louis, MO with Wrekless Eric

July 20 2006@ Murphy's in Memphis, TN with Evil Army, Skelton Witch & the Wednesdays