A Tale of Two Gizmos

posted Friday Jun 13th, 2014

The Gizmos are back, guys! Last night the old gang: Kenneth Highland, Eddie Flowers, Ted Niemiec, and Rich Coffee, along with Max Demata from Sonic Daze, John Terill from Dancing Cigarettes and Ian Brewer from the Panics, busted out of the time-casted shadows to blow the monitors out from the confines of The Bishop in Bloomington, Indiana

Their lineup revealed that not only was this a well sewn reunion for the Gizmos, but also a who's who in early Indiana punk that centered around Gulcher Records and fanzine. Some of these dudes hadn't seen each other in 37 years. Which, I'm sure, made for quite an emotional whirlwind cresting in the excitement of rekindling the magic they made together right in time with the Ramones and before the Sex Pistols broke.

Yesterday it was announce the "OG" Gizmos will be playing this years famed Goner Fest this coming September, and tonight, they will be destroying the Melody Inn in Indianapolis, Indiana. And since it's a full moon and Friday the 13th, you can bet on a crazy night.

Their debut 'Muff Divin' EP and the "Amerika First" are unquestionably early touchstones in American Punk music. Check it out below.

The other GIZMOS are set to play the Burger Boogaloo July 5-6 in Oakland, California. This version includes early on member Dale Lawrence, who joined the band in '77, but will be performing material off of the Hoosier Hysteria! split with Dow Jones and the Industrials.

You can check that one out here:

And here's a clip of The Gizmos performing "Human Garbage Disposal" last night in Bloomington: