SUNDAY MATINEE: 'Tilt' (1979)

posted Sunday Jun 29th, 2014

"The tough and tender saga of the pinball princess who was hard to beat -- and easy to love."

"Us truck drivers were the first dopers in America, don't forget that!"

"My boy here is a great artist, how do you think a star is born?" "Look you gotta prove they're born, listen man we've got 50,000 kids coming in here, smokin', druggin', snortin', freakin' out. You think they're gonna sit still for a hick on a guitar?"

The "dim bulb" that is one of the first pinball exploitation films of the late 70s (along with the stone classic, 'Pinball Summer' (1980), Tilt, features a teenage Brooke Shields as a pinball impresario/hustler who runs away from home and camps out at a bar, where she's used for her skills to outwit gamblers, and features some hard-rockin' moments as well as plenty of completely inappropriate behavior.

Featuring an intense performance by Charles Dunning as 'The Whale' a top pinball champ, and Shields as the protegé, Tilt is a slippery ride through trashy pinball culture right as it was capturing the hearts and minds of a generation. So kick back and pop this classic into full-screen mode and enjoy this slice of "American pinball rock cinema" in its entirety.